Our Process

Applicant Adviser helps you secure approval or admission by providing guidance and hands-on help in constructing a truthful, mature strategic story that leverages your experience, achievements, abilities, and aspirations – in perfect English. We are your personal statement mentor and editor.

Section No. 1

What We Do

Our focus in working with you is to create a strategic narrative out of your personal statement, one that helps to leverage the best of what you offer. The process is personal. We work one-on-one with select candidates in a manner that can only be called ‘co-creation’.

We do much more than improve your CV and your application. We strengthen your case by communicating your personal character, your aspirations, accomplishments and challenges in clear, concise, perfect English.

Keep in mind that we don’t take just anybody. We only help candidates who we believe in – so send us a note right away!

Section No. 2

What You Get

Applicant Adviser services can be tailored to your needs, but typically include all written parts of your application. This means we accompany you not only in addressing the application questions themselves, but also background documents such as the Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation, your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume, financial aid or scholarship application letters, and other long-form written documents. Please note that we do not complete applications for you. We help to edit and perfect the written elements of your application (essays, Personal Statement, Letters of Recommendation).

Section No. 3

What We Do Not Do

Your Application Adviser helps you construct carefully written, grammatically correct letters in perfect English, a professionally edited CV, and considered, thoughtful answers to the questions on your application(s).

  • We help you to write the application, and we strategically edit it. We do not write the entire application for you.
  • We do not fill out application forms or send them to the institution(s) in question.
  • We do not contact any institution or anyone on your behalf.
  • We do not identify our work on your application or anywhere else.
  • We do not publicize having helped you, unless we obtain your explicit consent.
  • We do not work with everyone that contacts us. We reserve the right to choose who we work with.
Section No. 4

How We Charge

Our prices are based on a variety of factors, including the degree you are seeking, the application materials involved, and the number of applications you are sending out, among others. Fees can range from USD $200 to $1,500. Get in touch with us and we will give you a quote and explain the details.



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