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Because Professors Know Best

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We are university professors, native English speakers, and fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish. As professors, we also teach, grade, mentor, and decide among applicants in our own universities. We know what acceptance committees look for in evaluating applications. The fact is, academic excellence is not enough.

First-hand experience reminds us that applying for a bachelor’s, master’s, or a doctorate degree can be disorienting. It’s difficult to choose the right tone, structure and experiences to include in your application if you’re not familiar with the way that acceptance committees think.

We specialize in helping Latin American applicants succeed. We live in Latin America and understand the inter-cultural strategic context of applying for a degree in the U.S., Canada or the UK. Many factors other than your academic record—factors that you might think unimportant—contribute to a successful application. Personal character, aspirations, the experiences and the life challenges that you face can motivate acceptance committees more than a flawless academic record.

Applicant Adviser helps to insert positive objectivity into the application process. We ensure that your best qualities—both academic and personal—come across loud and clear in your application, in flawless English.

We have a commitment to help build a better world, so we do accept inquiries from students who may not have the resources to contract our services. If you share our commitment and believe that studying abroad can help you help others, you may qualify for free advising services. Evidence of special needs will be requested.


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