Professional Resume Writing Service

Your resume is a critical document, whether you’re applying for grad school or the job that marks the next step in your career. Virtually all graduate school applicants already have a resume. We simply help them to fine-tune it to achieve the desired result: getting into the school of their dreams.

Your resume is more than just a list of work and education experience. It’s a powerful tool that showcases your accomplishments while transmitting your personality. It also needs to look sharp, with spelling, syntax and abbreviations that are 100% correct. No matter who you are, your Resume should not exceed 2 pages in length. As you accumulate more experience, you will have to cut some detail associated with each position.

There are several things that distinguish a great Resume from a mediocre Resume: the introductory ‘sell’ at the beginning, well-planned layout, and knowing what to highlight. This last point is important, and many people don’t know which of the experiences they have had are of true value to a university admissions committee or to an employer.

Top 5 Resume Writing Tips


Your resume must look sharp

Great layout is important. It shows that you’re serious; that you have put the time into doing the best job that you possibly can. Your resume needs to clearly delineate each section and highlight what’s most important.


Your resume focuses your goal

What is your goal? Admissions committees and hiring managers all want to know that they have an exact match for the position available.


Your resume celebrates your accomplishments

Don’t just list your experience; show accomplishments. There are simple ways to show the impact that you have had in each position. We bring the value that you create to light, impressing upon the reader what you’re capable of doing.


Your resume showcases your personality

You’re great, right? Your resume should echo your greatness, letting your personality shine through. You need to demonstrate what kind of person you are. You have to be subtle about it, but it’s an important part of marketing yourself.


Your resume invites contact

You know what it’s like to read between the lines? Your resume should create the impression that you’re open to contact, welcoming inquiries and ready to act. We build in this sentiment, erasing interpersonal barriers and building preference.

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