LinkedIn Profile Writing Service

LinkedIn is perhaps the single most important tool for professionals, young and old. If you are in the business world, you need more than a basic LinkedIn presence. A professional LinkedIn profile writing service can deliver the optimized profile that you need. LinkedIn profiles may not be something that graduate school admissions committees look at, but hiring managers are another story.

LinkedIn Profile Writing Services + Professional Resume = Career Success

Resumes and LinkedIn profiles are complementary. Both carry much of the same information, but a LinkedIn profile gives you much more flexibility in highlighting aspects of your career. There is also enough space for you to write a personal story, which is an important element in convincing an audience that you’re fit for the position. This is not at all a Personal Statement—it’s not an essay—a LinkedIn summary is a clever way of summarizing your essence and your value.

Thinking of Hiring a LinkedIn Profile Writer?

It’s a good idea, since optimizing your LinkedIn profile greatly increases your chance of success. The Applicant Adviser team of writers are experts in creating and perfecting LinkedIn profiles. It’s a relatively fast and painless process.

To start off with, we will interview you to get the information and the personal narrative that we need. We will then pull elements from your Resume to create your keyword-optimized LinkedIn profile right in LinkedIn. When you’re 100% happy with it, our work is done and your LinkedIn profile is live on the Internet.

The LinkedIn Essentials: How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

The most important parts of a successful LinkedIn profile are:

  • Writing a compelling personal story for your LinkedIn summary
  • Using a quality photo of yourself…smiling!
  • Keeping your LinkedIn page up to date with recent positions
  • Getting connections: the more you have, the higher your credibility

The Many Uses of a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn profiles are not just for job seekers. LinkedIn is a professional networking site that has proven invaluable to those who know how to use it. An optimized LinkedIn presence with a well-composed profile not only helps you to stand out and attract attention when you’re looking for a job, but it also actively helps you to do your job better in many ways:

  • Tap into connections who want to buy what you sell, or who are connected to others who want what you provide
  • Connect with others in your field of work or study
  • Connect with subject matter experts whose input you need for your research
  • Publish thought-provoking articles in specific LinkedIn Groups (it’s free!)

LinkedIn truly is the most important tool that you have for advancement in the world of work. Get in touch so that we can help you build your optimized LinkedIn profile today.

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