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Our services are geared to students applying for scholarships or admission to undergraduate and graduate schools abroad. Most of our students come from Latin America, but we work with people from everywhere, including students and young professionals looking to land coveted positions, grant-seeking organizations, and accomplished businesspeople in need of a Resume tune-up and a stellar Cover Letter.

We don’t work with everyone. Those we work with are good students and interesting people who have a good chance of success. Virtually all of the students we have helped thus far have gotten into the school of their choice. All the other people we choose to work with tend to achieve their objectives as well, which inevitably reshapes their lives.

Have a look at what we do:

01. Personal Statements

The Personal Statement is the most crucial part of your school application. Getting it right matters. The letter is roughly two pages in length and tells admissions committees why they should pick you. If you have great grades and good letters of reference, your Personal Statement is the great differentiator. A great Personal Statement will get you into the university of your choice; a mediocre one will not.

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02. Resume Writing

Your resume is a critical document, whether you’re applying for grad school or the job that marks the next step in your career. Your resume is more than just a list of work and education experience. It’s a powerful tool that showcases your accomplishments while transmitting your personality. It also needs to look sharp, with spelling, syntax and abbreviations that are 100% correct.

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03. LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn is perhaps the single most important tool for professionals, young and old. If you are in the business world, you need more than a basic LinkedIn presence. A professional LinkedIn profile writing service can deliver the optimized profile that you need. LinkedIn profiles may not be something that graduate school admissions committees look at, but hiring managers are another story.

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Additional Services

In addition to the writing services above, we offer Interview Coaching Modules, Resume Cover Letters, Letters of Reference and more. Need something? Just ask!

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