Personal Statement

How To Start A Personal Statement

All hail the topic sentence! The topic sentence is the key building-block of any good essay, including your Personal Statement. At the beginning of each paragraph, a topic sentence introduces the claim that you’re about to make. These claims about your career, your life, your viewpoint—and they way that you substantiate them—are what will set you apart from other candidates, clinching that coveted admissions spot. The claims that you make in your topic sentence should answer one of the following questions: 1.) Why I am so qualified: academic achievements and capabilities (stressing a capacity for research or follow-through) 2.) What has led me to this point: the details about background and experiences that have conspired with fate to lead me…
January 13, 2020
Tips For Applying To Graduate School

Invest in your English!

Imagine that you score well on the TOEFL, but your written English is simply incommensurate with your ambitions. You want to go to Yale or Harvard, but your English is far below Yale or Harvard caliber. Nevertheless, imagine that we help you obtain admission. What happens when it comes time to hand in written work… at Harvard?
January 7, 2020
Grad School Application Success Stories

Meet Milagros: A success story from Applicant Adviser

We interviewed one of our former clients to share with you her thoughts about Applicant Adviser. Milagros is a young Argentinian with a background in environmental engineering. With our help, she was accepted into Oxford to undertake an MBA. AA: Did using Applicant Adviser augment your chances of getting into your ideal school? Milagros: Yes, definitely. The post-graduate selection processes in Argentina are very different than in the UK. I had previously applied to foreign universities and had never succeeded. With this previous experience in mind, when I decided to apply to Oxford I looked for help. Thanks to Applicant Adviser I vastly improved my essays and CV in a small amount of time. Shortly after applying for Oxford, I received…
January 4, 2020
Tips For Applying To Graduate School

The Little Investment that Could Transform Your Life

Application time – a giant 'switchpoint' in your life. Get into one school and not another and your life trajectory changes in dramatic ways. Despite what hangs in the balance of an application to graduate school, many tend to think, “I can do it myself” or “it will be more ‘me’ if I take care of it alone”. Self-reliance is important, but it can also be one of the biggest mistakes early on in life. The ancient Greeks call it ‘hubris’, or excessive pride, when someone ignores sage counsel offered at little cost. Unfortunately, many of us have reckonings with hubris, especially when we’re young and think we know it all. What about spending US$250-$1500 to change the course of your…
December 16, 2019

The Personal Statement – It’s Not Just About You

The personal statement that’s part of your university application is about your achievements, your story, your beliefs, your aspirations, but – contrary to the conventional wisdom – it’s not just about you. Appeal to the Puritan Ethic Admissions committees in Anglo countries are peculiarly attracted to the puritan ethic of helping others and contributing to the greater good. This means you ought to find some space in your Personal Statement for describing how studying at University X will help you help the world, help your community/industry/government, and how you will enrich the university’s program of study. This last point is important. It’s not just about “why I chose Harvard and what I hope to get out of Harvard’s program”, but also “what…
December 9, 2019
applicant adviser servicosGrad School Application Success Stories

Why we do what we do – from the founder

Applicant Adviser began quite accidentally. My wife is Brazilian, and her younger sister sought me out while applying to some of the top Master’s of Law (LLM) programs in the United States. My sister-in-law’s English was good and she had some sense of what should be included in personal statements and essays and what should not. But it was a far cry from what it would take to get into the best schools.When she sent me her written materials, I started correcting and enhancing the English, leaving everything clear in track changes so she could learn from her mistakes and my edits. I often commented on the corrections to teach her about the basic rules of formal written work (like…
June 24, 2019
Tips For Applying To Graduate School

Graduate Studies: Are They Worth It?

The economy and world are changing. We all know robots will take our jobs and government will provide guaranteed incomes…but perhaps not just yet. In the meantime, everyone owes it to themselves to obtain that special knowledge or those special skills that will translate into higher wages and lower probabilities of unemployment or underemployment (a term worth Googling). But is graduate school still the best route? Some believe that education is undergoing a Reformation of sorts, and that university education is increasingly irrelevant. The numbers, however, tell a different story. In the United States, graduate education in the form of a professional degree, master’s or doctorate will earn you 15% more on average than a bachelor’s degree will. In Brazil,…
February 24, 2019