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Are you applying for a top-ranked university, a grant or funding?

A small investment in your university application can change the course of your life. We help good candidates make sure their applications obtain acceptance. Mentoring individuals and organizations on their personal statements, essays, letters of intent, scholarships, fellowships, or grant applications, we maximize the impact of written work in English.

You need to submit the best Personal Statement and application possible. There are few factors more important than effectively communicating your strengths.


Our Process

Step 1 –  Get in touch
Contact us and tell us about your application plans.

Step 2 – Let’s chat
We will schedule a short interview.

Step 3 – Co-creation (50% deposit)
We work with you by voice and email for an agreed-upon price.

Step 4 – Perfecting the application (50% final payment)
We help you perfect all your written application materials.


Another success!


Applicant Adviser helped me apply for the PhD in Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in New York for 2018. The staff guided me through several versions of my resume and also my Personal Statement. The results couldn’t have been better. Not only was I approved into the PhD program, but I was also awarded a full scholarship. I believe it wouldn’t have been possible without their help.”

~ Allan M. Hillani
Curitiba, Brazil


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